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  1. Hello guys, Did someone already fixed a problem like mine? It's the following: The Dashboard lights and Radio Screen flickering non stop, even when the ignition key is not in the switch. The Actual Values of Instrument Panel for Terminal 15 (ignition ON) is moving from YES to NO non stop. There're few error codes on other modules which are almost identical like "No communication with instrument panel". I'm going to attach a Video. Thanks in advance for any tips and tricks! 6d01e06bbf2e6917a2f7786d6f06b8c07074560fa72257547937dfdf49a3faac.part1.rar 6d01e06bbf2e6917a2f7786d6f06b8c07074560fa72257547937dfdf49a3faac.part2.rar 6d01e06bbf2e6917a2f7786d6f06b8c07074560fa72257547937dfdf49a3faac.part3.rar
  2. Оххххх, без комментариев. Я отправил программу только, чтобы помочь некоторым из вас. Большое спасибо за ваши хорошие комментарии. Разве плохо писать только один "спасибо"? Иметь хороший день!
  3. When you make Internet -> Update with that CarProg software and all finish, then close that software and use your old Carprog version with lib you used previously (ex. 4.01 or newer).
  4. http://www.auto-bk.ru/forum/topic/47931/page__gopid__535818
  5. Hello there again, You can unbrick/unlock your locked CarProg Clone and reset counter via USB from now on! 1. Download 2. Extract 3. Disable Internet connections (LAN, WiFi etc.) 4. Connect CarProg to your computer and run unlockOK.exe 5. Go to UPDATE -> INTERNET 6. WAIT 7. Done! All for free ofc nJoy Counter & Unlock.part1.rar Counter & Unlock.part2.rar
  6. Hallo guys, Here is the CarTool 2.4f including KeyGen. Hope someone will love it :) nJoy cartool.part01.rar cartool.part02.rar cartool.part03.rar cartool.part04.rar cartool.part05.rar cartool.part06.rar cartool.part07.rar cartool.part08.rar cartool.part09.rar cartool.part10.rar cartool.part11.rar cartool.part12.rar cartool.part13.rar cartool.part14.rar cartool.part15.rar
  7. Hello guys, I got crashdata in Lancia Ypsilon 2011 year. The module numbers are: BOSCH 0 285 010 656 - 51833230 EEPROM inside: 95320 I have read the eeprom and tried to clear the crash (manualy). Can someone please check if I cleared good? lancia ypsilon test.rar Many thanks in advance! ----------------------------------------------------- EDIT: Hello again guys, I just found a clean dump (it was read from the same car same module numbers) The car was never crashed! Here it is if someone need it for later! 95320 0285010656 51833230 never crash.rar Topic can be closed now :)
  8. Hello, Looking for a solution to disable EGR on Peugeot 307 2.0 HDI - SID801 ECU. Can someone help me please. Cannot find any info about that ECU still and ECUsafe not working with it 307 29f400 flash 2.0HDI 90hp 66kw.rar
  9. Test this one. It should work. toyota_celica_L56R_89170-20150-CRASH_CLEAN.rar
  10. Just to tell that today I was fighting with a new Zafira 2007 with protected 35080V6. I'm happy that I got R270, because it's working once again without any problems. Omega wasn't able to erase inc/modify or write that 35080, so I changed the km with omega and used R270 to erase -> write the dump. It takes some times like 5 minutes, but was successfull.
  11. I'm using this one: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/R270-V1-20-Auto-CAS4-BDM-Programmer-R270-Programmer-Free-Shipping/719309770.html and it's working great. You can use it for more things than erasing 35080.

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