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  1. I think its a hardware problem not software
  2. Hi guys i have a problem with mercedes w211 E-class 220CDI. The customer insist to make immo off on this car because he doesnt have immo ,dashboard neither keys and he is installin the engine in older model and i was wondering if there is a solution for this kind of ECU. It is a e- class year 2001 EDC 16 Common Rail with ECU number bosch 0 281 011 070 and mercedes number A 646 153 12 79. There is a Motorola MPC555 micro inside + bl28xxx eprom and 95160 spi eprom. I dont know which one is for immo off but the only one i can provide is 95160spi attached. P.S. AT least login code if immo off is impossible.Thanks 95160.rar
  3. THANKS for the file Alex but this file is 1kb and my file is 2kb. Is there something wrong with my readout because when i read the eprom as dil it reads 1kb but when i read it as soic it reads 2kb.And the eprom is 95160 soic. Im using eprom programmer Needhams EMP21 btw.THANKS
  4. Hi friends i need to immo off this r 32 golf 5 ecu , the engine is placed in golf 3 without instrument panel and no keys with transponder and no immobiliser.The ecu is motronic me 7.1.1 with bosch number 0 261 208 468 and volkswagen number 022 906 032 CE. Inside there is a spi eprom 95160 and AMD flash eprom 29F800. Here are the pictures of the ECU, ive read the chip 95160 and here is the dump. Any help would be appreciated. ecu_pictures.rar 95160.rar
  5. Send photos of the ecu
  6. Try this one works 100% Renault_Immo_Emulator.rar
  7. Impossible to remove immo on this one ^_^ :huh:
  8. EWS2 immo code stored inside ecu eprom 27c256
  9. Try this one is clear Original307.rar

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