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  1. Hello members: I need to delete DTC P0606 in Nissan Kicks 1.6L gasoline mcu is R7F70125. Do any of you can do it ? Original file is here: Original file Thanks
  2. Hello flesher: I have the same situation, I need to install used ESCL (unknow donor vin) Did you solve the problem ? Did you get the password from the stm8af dump ? Thanks
  3. Hello friends: I need to read Mack MP8 truck ECU, is TRW EMS, I think is EMS2, but not sure. MCU is MPC5554 Do any of you have BDM conection for this ECU ? or is possible to read by J1708 ? thanks very much
  4. Hola amigos Chevrolet Spark = Daewoo Matiz 2001, 0.8 L, el error P0601 (suma de comprobación) está presente. La ECU es Siemens (creo que Fenix5M) K115444001C 96291048 con 28F512. ¿Tiene reparación o reparación? ** Este carro no es equipo con inmovilizador ** Spark 800cc 2001 Siemens 2R K115444001c 96291048 28F512 original.rar
  5. Hello members: I have 2009 1.6L Hyudai Accent A/T, car does not start, error code is P0605 Internal control module read only memory error. Can someone of you can check if checksum is correct and fix it ? Thanks very much for your help.
  6. Hello members: I need to disable Nats on Nissan Versa 2007 1.8L gasoline MT USA version. Mcu is 70F58. I am attaching original ECU file Do any of you can do it ? Thanks very much
  7. Hello members: I am working in 2007 Suzuki Swift 1.3L gasoline This car is not equipment with immobilizer system, but after low -battery event , the car doesn´t start, and DTC P1638 is present (P1638 = immobilizer information mismatched) I think the eeprom file of ECU is damage, or maybe mcu flash is damage I am attaching the original eeprom ECU file. Do you have a good dump for this ECU or can you repair the dump ?? ECU number is 33921-73KJ0 eeprom 9356 mcu 7055 Thanks very much Swift 2007 13L MT nacional ECU 33921-73KJ0 S93A56A original.rar
  8. Hello sergej: Do you remember if the flash dump was taken from a non-immobilizer equipment car ?? Thanks
  9. Hi: I have a file without immobilizer for Kia Clarus , tell me if you need it
  10. Hello members: Is it possible to do immo-off in Mitsubishi Montero Sport 3.5L gasoline 2002, ecu MR578176 E6T36377, mcu 8302F. I need to test ECU on bench. I am attaching original file Thanks Montero Sport 2002 35L gasoline MR578176 E6T36377 mcu 8302F original.rar
  11. Thanks euromania, but it is the same information that I have, I need complete wiring or pinout. Thanks any way !!!!
  12. Hello: Do you have complete pinout or wiring diagram of Suzuki ME17.9.51 ? Thanks

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